Editing content inside a column - can't do it

I inserted a row with two columns. They are titled empty column. I tried double clicking inside column. I can't put any lorem ipsum in. I also tried to insert a paragraph. It won't go inside the column. This very basic and watched videos on inserting information into the blocks.<br /> What am I missing? Thanks, Peoj

Hello, Should you first insert a Column first and then a Row? I am thinking this is a right sequence.

In reality, the web doesn't care if the row or column comes first, but for posterity you should enter rows with columns inside.

Not sure why you can't drag things in but, try what I do, I have to shut down the program and restart it and then it works. There's some glitch there that's been getting me on Mac since the last 2 updates that is causing issues with drag and drop for me as well.

Also just for the sake of stating it, you cannot put text into a column directly in BSS, you have to first have a paragraph or H tag or component/element that supports text like a list etc. in order to add text into columns or rows or divs or anything else in BSS.