Editing Default colors etc

Would be nice if we could copy and paste exactly what is needed (with or without # tag). I have a site that was already started before the new theme color editor was added. I’m changing some of the colors there so I can use them as they should be, but when I copy a color by double clicking within the Style window, it only takes the numbers not the hash tag, so I have to add the hash tag manually. Minor issue I know, but just a convenience thing.

Would be nice if either copying would copy the hash tag too, or maybe easier would be to have the hash tag always automatically in the theme colors when pasting? Not sure which would be easier, but hopefully one way or the other can be done to save just a few more clicks here and there. :slight_smile:

P.S. Thank you for this addition! I know a lot of people will be happy once they realize it’s there lol.

Happy to hear you find the new Bootstrap Theme settings useful :slight_smile:

The way that text is selected on double click is a built-in OS feature and we need to be careful when changing it. By default it selects the word under the mouse pointer and excludes the hash symbol. But triple clicking should select everything.

Yeah, but unfortunately it grabs the entire class from the Style window rather than just the #xxxxxxx. What about adding the hash tag to the Theme colors setup so that it’s there default? I’ve worked with other apps that do that as well.