Editing html in

Hi I need to add some references to additional CSS files and link to some exteranal JS files in the <head>. Currently I see a padlock Icon next to the HTML.

How can I edit the HTML and add in the references I need?

Thanks, Stuart

Hi Stuart,

Currently you cannot edit anything in the head but if you look here :https://bootstrapstudio.io/forums/topic/whats-coming-in-2-5-x/ that is something that is coming in the next set of releases.

As for linking to JS files, you can either create your own JS files or link via CDN and they will be added at the bottom of page to help with page load. Just look at the JavaScript option in the design pane on rh bottom corner

Technically, you can add different Meta tags to the Head by going to the Pages section of the Design area and right clicking and choosing properties. This will help mostly for SEO and such, so the head is editable, just not as much as we'd all like it to be. :P