Elements jump to upper left corner


A while ago i bought the lifetime version of bootstrap. After installing i began to explore.

Turns out, that, when dragging an element to the form it jumps to the left upper corner.

This happens with every ellement i drag on to the form.

If doing this in Visual Studio, the element stays in the spot once you release it,

and you can symetrical position them with other elements on the form by the aid of lines with which you can position your elements.

What's the use of dragging elements on to the form, and if you release them they all jump to the left upper corner of the form.

It would be faster to type the locations of the elements in manual,

which i used to do, instead of using bootstrap to build a webpage. Did anybody experienced the same bug, and if so, how did you fix it.

You may think its faster and easier by doing that way in another program but it bloats the code and ends up loading 10 times slower in the browser. Learn to code properly and your site will load properly and faster.

What do you mean, that Bootstrap Studio is not good ?

I can write code properly, but creating a layout or GUI manually is time consuming, especially when writing an HTA program.

The fact that an ellement jumps to the left corner in BS when you release it is more of a bug or something like that, ( maybe a setting I don't know about ? )

I might have misunderstood.

Can you take a video and show us what you mean? I have no idea what you're talking about actually. Elements go wherever you put them depending on how or if you have Flex set up correctly. There are different settings you need to utilize for putting things where you want them. If you don't have any of that in place, then yes things will always go to the upper left of the container you put them in. That's just logical to me. If you are talking about something else, then you should probably show us as we may not be understanding your issue.