Embed a webpage on my webpage

Hi all,
I’m building a website for someone who prints on t-shirts, mug etc.
Now i have a problem, i want to build something that allows people to preview fonts.
I thought keep it simple, make a responsive embed and put fonts.google.com in it.
That didn’t work, result was: fonts.google.com refuses to connect.
Is there a way to do this?

Google, and Google Fonts by extension block iframe embedding.

What I’d personally do, is load/import the fonts you want users to be able to select on that page only, then create some JS that changes the font from a drop down.

Thanks for the quick answer

Does your client really want to offer people the option to pick from any of the 1000+ Google fonts when creating their designs? That would seem to be a massive source of headaches from a production perspective.

I would suggest that you suggest to your client that he come up with a few dozen (no more than 40-50) popular type styles that he’d want his customers to choose from, and then implement a solution on the website like @catkin atkin has suggested.

BTW - you might be able to save yourself a lot of work by going with something like this…

I putted +/- 20 fonts on the website with the link to google fonts, that is what my client wants :wink:
Thanks for the link to Design Tailor, i will suggest it to my client.
Kind regards,