Emmet Anyone?

Just wondering if there are any plans to add the Emmet functionality? Not a necessity of course, just curious if it's been thought about or not and if it's something that is possible to add to a future update.

Hmm didn't know what this was. Looked it up saw that it has a plugin for Notetab++ and sure enough mine does have it. Never knew it was there. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/html-css-faster-emmet/

Thanks for the info on that :)


haha you're quite welcome! Bout time I get to help you with something lol.

yeah it's a plugin for a lot of different web building apps now, so hoping that it gets added to this one, just don't know what their plans are :)

Thanks for the idea! Where would you like to see Emmet integrated? In Custom Code?

Hmm yeah I think that's about the only place it would be helpful since in the components everything else is already formatted specific ways and we really don't have a way to edit it before it's placed.

It would be extremely helpful in Custom Code though for sure!

I referenced Notetab but it was Notepad++ I don't know why I keep doing that :P I have both and use both.

Anyways. That sounds good Martin. I don't know if you have any planned CSS editing changes but if it were to be something similar to the Custom Code tool I guess that would be a good spot as well.


Just thought I'd bring this up again because there is something in the Emmet setup that would also be helpful in the Text editor part of BSS and that is the Lorem Ipsem inserts. I haven't looked at a whole lot of the Emmet system, so I don't know if there are other things that might help in this area as well, but it would be really nice to be able to use the Lorem Ipsem shortcuts in the Text editor, and should you add in the ability to edit text in the code as we discussed in another thread, it would be helpful there as well.

Ha, that would be nice. I ended up making a Lorem Ipsum custom code component the other day and posting it.

Yeah I saw that, that's what made me remember to post on this lol. Thanks for the components though, that will help for sure until they hopefully add this feature. :)