Enable edit blocks of a Component

when we select a div in a component we can't see Options an this section say no options available Please add this feature. this feature help for component customization speed up and improve development performance and offer a great UX for developers.

If the DIV is part of a Custom Code block, it won't have any options in the Options pane.


I know that Saj. i say this is a good feature if exist.

Thank you for the suggestion @mehran! This would be good to have, but I am afraid it is not possible. Bootstrap Studio treats the contents of Custom Code as a black box in order to give you full control. It doesn't attempt to parse or discover components inside it. This means that you can write whatever you wish in Custom Code (including non-html), but also means that the trade off is no intelligent features.

Ok thanks for you attention @Martin Angelov. So can you implement a powerful intellisense and auto complete in custom code editor? this intellisense can support bootstrap class suggestions. By this feature we don't need leave Bootstrap Studio for writing custom codes and we can done all in Bootstrap Studio nicely :)

instead of implementing those editor feature for custom code why not add support for external editors that already have everything, like atom.io. I've seen that working really nicely with other designing and prototyping apps.

Or why not just use the tool the way its designed and built to be used.

I' for one am getting bored of the same things being raised when Martin and the team have clearly stated on more than 1 ocassion that custom code development won't be supported.

Appreciate it won't please some but custom code was introduced to code what ever you like.

Dear @Chris Hackwood. Every grate result need more Flexibility by IDE, when a developer need develope a complex bootstrap UI with a great result, Certainly the developer need write some custom codes. Bootstrap Studio is a great tool for implement bootstrap based UI, in this case i think Bootstrap Studio need a powerful html editor with bootstrap intellisense support. why not? all of us like develop a grate results with Bootstrap Studio because it's save our time. when i have a grate html editor in Bootstrap Studio i can develop zero to hundred of a project in this lovely IDE. why not?

What do you think Another Friends?

The concept of this app is too use drag and drop as that's what the developers have spent hours and hours developing, right.

So why would the devs spend time going off piste developing something that goes against that.

I get that people want to have better flexibility for manually editing HTML etc - but the BSS team have done that by introducing custom code component.

There have been numerous threads created asking the same thing thing to happen and not one of those have had an answer to say "yes this will happen"

I do agree that custom code component could do with a little improvement, but I also can appreciate and accept the devs have more important things to focus on and unless there is something that happens in the next 2 releases, I think it will be a while before the devs look at improving custom code over core components.

That's just my 2p