Error after publishing the website "Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function at..

I'm developing an interface using the javascrip language and until last week I was not encountering any problems. However, since about 4 days ago, the published version of the site is not working due to a "Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function at script.min.js? ..." error. The strange thing is that the site works normally when pre viewed via the local address port 8000.

I wonder if anyone has any idea what that mistake might be. Also, I tested previous versions of my site where it worked normally, and this error is also occurring.

Thank you very much,

Guilherme Prado.

You may want to contact support directly for this as they will probably need a copy of your project file to see what could be wrong easier! Not sure if it's an app issue or a scripting issue, but if it's an app issue they will probably know pretty quick and if not that will rule that out at least.

Thank you @Jo for your answer