Exclude loading of aos per CDN

Hi there,

please give us the option in the export settings to remove the CDN loading for aos.css/js. At least in Europe we have strict privacy laws and CDNs should not be used if possible due to privacy issues. I assume most of the users of BSS build sites for small businesses, so the argument of faster loading can be neglected. Every page i built with BSS is lightning fast without CDNs.

I read about the export script feature and i am also able to import all that stuff and change the .html pages but this are all extra bothersome steps. Thank you…

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If you don’t animate anything on your page, the aos libraries aren’t added to the code.

If you want to animate with aos and don’t want to use CDNs, then just download aos from github, import the CSS and JS to BSS, and add the classes manually.

Unfortunately if you try that what will happen is when you use the required data-aos attribute on any element Bootstrap Studio recognizes it and loads the AOS it uses.

Once again, the BSS :brain: :trophy: goes to @kuligaposten :laughing: