Expand Accordion Item Content to Edit

Please forgive if this was answered elsewhere - I did look! When I brought in the Accordion element, it has 3 items with one expanded where you can see the contents to edit. The other two are not expanded. I was looking for something that toggled this on and off such as when you are editing a dropdown list. Where can I find this?

Thank you!

If you look at the top of the page when you click one of the other dropdowns it should change to a Show/Hide menu that gives you a few more options. You do need to be specific in what you are targetting now though as I believe they fixed a lot of issues with that setup and now you do have to click the actual button selection and not the link. Click around the outter edge of the accordion section you want to edit until that top menu (top center of Visual Preview area) shows up,

Thank you, Jo! That was what I needed! Very much appreciated . . .

You're quite welcome, have fun with it!