Expand All / Close All in HTML window (aka +/-)

I know it's been brought up before, quite some time ago, and I'm just wondering if this has been given any weight for any future updates anytime soon? It sure would be a handy feature so we don't have to reopen every single little thing when changing pages etc. Hopefully it's something in the works. :)

Thank you for bringing it up! There is not enough room to add these actions as icons, but we can add Expand/Collapse as entries in the context menu. So it will be available in the panels (Overview, Components, Design) and the HTML of the page. Do you think this will help in your case?

What about placing a + and - button right before or after the HTML tab of the HTML pane? Not much else usually opened on that area and if it's just little buttons there's still plenty of room for whatever else is supposed to be able to be opened on that line. Since we can't open multiple pages at a time, that area is kind of wasted space so maybe that might work? I definitely would love to see them in the Overview pane as that would help there too and the design pane as well, but we really need them in the HTML area even more so.