Expand middle section by hiding menues and toolbars


in common software you can downsize / hide toolbars and menues to expand the main working area.

This feature I can't find or is just not possible ?

With kind regards, and thanks in forward, Kai

Nope it's not available as of yet. Not sure if it is in the plans or not.

It's also not "common" as you say, there are some that do it and some that don't, but definitely not "common".

I too would love to see this feature and so would many others that have already posted on this.

Hello Jo,

many thanks for Your reply.

If You look on so many other "common" programs (MS Office, LibreOffice, Eclipse,..,pinegrow(!)), there You will surely have seen it by yourself - it is definitely common. It's not common, it's state of the art !

If, for example, I work directly in code, what do I need all the other stuff, especially if I work on laptop-screen.

By the way pinegrow: - There You can directly work on existing html - You don't need to export your project to get "normal" files - The preview is drag-able, so it is independent of fixed screen-size-suggestions - they have a money-get-back-guarantee

Please excuse my bad english (writing) - I'm out of training.

With kind regards, Kai

This type of technology is available a lot in Photography software. Has someone posted this in the Ideas section.

@kai Also If Pinegrow does this. What is it you like better about Bootstrap Studio? Why aren’t you using Pinegrow?

It's been posted in ideas numerous times actually, and unfortunately there's a lot of people that compare apples and oranges with BSS and Pinegrow. I can't blame them really, there are a lot of great features in Pinegrow that BSS is sorely lacking in, but ... it's also a very steep learning curve using Pinegrow compared to BSS so ... I think that's why people come to BSS. I don't know why they would otherwise as Pinegrow seems to already have all the bells and whistles that people come asking for here and comparing. Not sure why they want out of Pinegrow otherwise. Truly it is a whole lot less restricting than BSS is, but BSS really does have a lot of ease of use and great features too so ... dunno, I have them both, have had Pinegrow license for years and still I use BSS myself as well lol. Someday I'll take the time necessary to learn the other, but too busy to do it now and that's a good thing! :)

thanks a lot gys, for Your efforts.

Actually I finaly moved to Pinegrow, when bss coudn't open any of my designs.

This is another big disadvantage of BSS, that it uses a propietary project-file. If there accures a damage, and you haven't yet made backup -- good by.

Also Pinegrow has its drawbacks, but the adventages are convincing me.

many thanks again, Kai