Expand the filelist to full width

Hi Boostrappers,

New user here, and excited to use this software - I am in the process of re-designing an internal administrative system to use Bootstrap, and reference a lot of external files - At least, I hope to get it to work.

However, when expanding the file list width - the filename is still truncated:

expanded filelist

Top arrow show list width - and as you can see the filename is truncated - Perhaps it should truncate in the middle, and not the actual filename

+1 Good idea ... Expand the displayed width to fit the container and blur the middle rather than the right if it still is too wide.

And a "heads up" -- the list as presented in your post is not necessarily in the same sequence as the "include order" you may specify. Instead, the displayed order appears to be alphabetical with the "locked" assets listed 1st. Perhaps, the developers could change the displayed list to be the same as the user defined "Include order".

+++++12345! lol This goes for that entire side bar panel which I've also posted recently due to the URL entry box for links which is also not wide enough in many many cases.