Export Destination(s) by each projects (how to)

Hello, First of all I used Bootstrap Studio everyday, so thank you so much for your excellent work and this software. I don't check every topic on this forum.

I want share to you an idea : Is it possible to add on Settings Export a specific path for export an project ? I worked on lot of differents website I most of time I forget to change everytime the path to export destination my design.

Thanks a lot for read my topic

Hiya fredb,

Every project has it's own export location, so once you set that location up in the Settings of a project, that's where the export files go exactly. What I do is I set up a specific folder for all my exports and in there I created folders for each of my projects and named them accordingly. Then just set the export location in each project to go to their particular folder. Works pretty slick. Don't set it to the same folder for all though, you have to set them to different folders for exporting.