Export Folder control

I saw the topic on some page but can't seem to find it now. However, I wanted to add my voice to the crowd wanting support for control of the export folders. I would like to use this as my front end studio and take the exported results into my IDE (Eclipse) and having to manage this cumbersome on iterative developments and debugging. I would think on export folders could be made relative so I could say on a page that my js files are located at some path (such as "../js/") and the exported files will have the attributes updated while the files in the design studio work within the existing structure.

We considered making this configurable, but came to the conclusion that it is not possible to build an interface that works for every use case. In its place we implemented the ability to execute user supplied scripts after export. If you are on an Unix-like system, you can write a script like this to change your paths from /assets/js to ../js:

sed -i 's/\/assets\/js/\.\.\/js/' $1/index.html

For more complex tasks it will be easier to use a scripting language like python, ruby or node.

Okay- thanks for the reply.