Export/Import CSS should be the same folder

Hi, When I create a Design, and I use some Components from Lib, I get some CSS-files. With all these (10) files it's hard to find the right CSS. So I export the site and make on CSS-file out of these 10pcs. with my IDE (or Text Editor). Now I have 1 CSS file, sorted like I need it. Mostly there are some backgrounds with "url:...".

before Export the URL = url(image1.jpg)

after Export the URL = url(/assets/img/image1.jpg)

Now, when I want to Import my new CSS I have to change all paths manually.

That's quite annoying

These days it seems that the number of CSS files isn't as important as it used to be. I haven't figured out all the details of why, just following the norm which seems to have removed some of the worry about it. Anyways, either way you are able to easily identify any CSS location for any class that is assigned to any element if you look at the CSS window in the bottom right of each Class or ID there is a greyed out CSS file name. That name is clickable and will directly open the CSS file as well as scrolls directly to the class you have clicked the file for. Pretty slick actually and much easier than trying to navigate a single file for all things.

My suggestion though, if 1 file is what you're after for your Custom CSS file, is to just leave it alone until you have the site done, then you only have to combine the files once instead of numerous times. That's my philosophy on it anyways and what I tend to do if there are too many files that I feel need to be combined.

As for the importing, many of us have asked for the ability to import files into the same structure as exporting them, and that the internal file structure should mimic the export setup to keep it easier to manage things exactly how they will be both ways. Not sure what the plans are on this, but I am pretty sure Martin commented on them looking into it a while ago.

Right now, the import location appears to be set to the last place from which a CSS file was imported; or the last place from which a JS file was imported. I would guess that the same is true of pages, fonts and images but I haven't had the need for those other types of files yet. I'm not sure if the "last used" location mentioned above is kept by design (i.e., tab) or if it is application-wide.

In addition to the control over import location that Frank requested in the original post, the suggestion below would give the user complete flexibility to control where the files are loaded but would also allow the user to change their mind about their project's directory structure.

Add "Import Location" options similar to the "Export Destination" in the Design Settings modal. A new tab on Design Settings for "Input" with 5 options for Pages, Styles, Javascript, Fonts and Images. If an option field is blank then follow the current "last used" behavior. But if a field is filled in, then always start at the user-defined default location. In both cases, the user could navigate to any directory on their system (if that is their wish) via the OS's file selection (i.e., open) dialog.

Similarly, there should be a new option on the Design Settings / Main tab to define the location where the .bsdesign file should be saved. This again would give the user the flexibility to reconfigure their directory structure instead of living "forever" with their location decision made when they initially set up the design.