Export issue with links after last update

Hello! I really enjoy working with Bootstrap Studio,

After last update I have a problem with links that point to pages placed in a folder. As i'm making a multi lingual website I've placed the different pages in folders like /en/

After export where I should have ../en/index.html there is only en/index.html, before the last update the issue was only with internal links ../en/index.html#test was giving en/index.html#test, making the correction with visual studio was ok but now it's really annoying

Thanks for your help!


before last update active link in navbar was showing with links pointing inside a folder. The think is, I need to make a multilingual website and to keep things organized i've created a folder for each language while keeping the main language at the root. Perhaps someone has a better idea. I hope I'm clear enough to be understood, I can provide a link or project file if needed.

If you could send us the .bsdesign, it would help us a lot in figuring out what the problem is. You can use the contact form.

In preview mode the links of the navbar are working, after export the links in the navbar of the FR version are broken.

You can download the .bsdesign file with the link below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZkGWLbOom0y-9qzIZz0tWi8VvFZQfXSk

Thanks for your support.