Export not working after update

I just updated to 4.5.2 and my export functionality ceased to operate, for all 4 projects im working on. Each project has a different output folder, the folder names and path have never changed. I tried to change folder to a random folder on my desktop, it gave me the same error.

Error is: Couldn't Export. Please choose a different folder.

I only have Minified JS active and an export script attached too. I even tried without both of these options, it yield with same error.

I am using a Mac Pro with Mojave 10.14.5 installed on it. I have been using this same structure for almost a year now. My work is sort of stuck now as I cannot export ANYTHING out of bootstrap.

I tried to illiminate as much as i can think off to know what is the problem. How can I view the logs of BSS? How can I know what is the problem?

Dear Customer ,

Sorry My English is not too good. The export is really wrong after update on windows system. This problem, because we can’t run own converter exe script after export.

Please fix it urgently, because we use this softvare an World Event Page and some million people waiting for us.

Thank you very much, Erno

Sorry that you've run into problems! We released an update - 4.5.3 - that should resolve the export and publish issues.

Martin, indeed, issue fixed with new build! Thanks for your prompt reply!

Dear Martin ,

Super! After update the export is working. You and Your team are very prefect. Thank You for Your dynamic work.

Have a nice day, Erno