Export Project BSS 5 in 4.6?

Hello everyone,

is there a way to convert a BSS5 back to 4.6?
Unfortunately I converted a project (no backup) to version 5 … However, this is too bugy for me, many JS (JQuery) are no longer correct … yes, I can use Jquery 3.6.0 or select other versions … but does not work, for example my contact form (validation), smooth scroll and many more little things … everything works in 4.6, I can accidentally convert my project, started in 4.6, to 5 (continue with worked) walk back again? greetings

You should still have the 4.6 version in your saved files. When it converts, it doesn’t convert the actual project file, it basically duplicates it and converts at the same time so you always have the original. Check your files and it should be there. The only drawback of course is that anything you’ve done to the version 5 will have to be redone on the 4.6 one.

Because of the nice way it’s backed up first, it does give you the opportunity to work out what is wrong and why it’s not working. You may need to turn the JS on in the settings which I believe I’ve seen a few people discuss. I haven’t had any issues with it at all so far, and in fact I’ve found it a whole lot nicer to work with. Keep at it and see if you can figure out what’s wrong or contact the Support people and see if they can help you. As long as you have that 4.6 backup you can’t screw anything up working with the version 5 one so go for it!

Thanks for your tip …

got it done! With a lot of coffee … Was just pretty much pressed for time, it was a customer order … in the end it was JS snippet that shot everything up for me.

But had to recreate a lot … well finger exercises …

haha keep them joints lubricated for sure! lol. Glad you got it worked out and hopefully it won’t give you more trouble later :slight_smile: