Export to HTML

By default the app always exports as index.html

It would be helpful if there was an option to export to the same filename as the project but with the .HTML extension

You can nename your page name but right clicking the "pages" section of the design panel in the right hand corner of editor screen,

Then when exported your file name stays the same

You just need to create a new page with a name other than index.html

You can add more pages there as well by either right clicking the Pages section of the Design panel and choosing Create Page, Right clicking over a current page and choosing Duplicate, or even importing html pages that you currently have created.

Then by doing the suggestions by Chris to rename things it will export all pages with whatever names you give them. The index.html page is the default internet page for the most part so that's what it will always start with for any design you create. You can always rename them to .php or .htm or whatever after exporting if the extension is needed to be changed.