Export to jpg

I need to export project files to jpg. To demonstrate to the customer.

Just publish the website to the free BSS hosting, if you are not able to setup a hosting for your customers project. If you really need to save images, windows has snipping tools and print screen key that allow you to save to file what's on your monitor.

(sometimes is nice to use a few sheets of heavy black bristol bee paper with a printout of the website attached, but it depends on customers)

If you use chrome to preview sites then add plugin called fireshot - it allows you to capture while screens and can save as jpg and allows annotations too.

Thanks Chris,

I wasn't aware of that plugin and have been using Snag-It for doing this too. Snag-It works nice, but I don't like to leave it running all the time so I always have to start it up when ever I need a screenshot and turn it off etc. I don't usually need them very often so it's not to bad, but the plugin would be a bit quicker I'm sure!

It's very long and uncomfortable. If there are several pages in the project and you need to demonstrate it to the client in all permissions.

There's nothing long and uncomfortable with using FireShot Finorion. I just installed it and set it up and once set up it's a very quick process. As Marrco already mentioned too, open the BSS app and use the Preview in Browser feature. With the browser open just change pages in BSS and it changes them in the browser. Click the FireShot button on your browser and do a full screenshot. Rinse and repeat for each page. Pretty simple and I doubt very much that you're going to see an export to JPG feature in this app. It's a web building app not an image app (hmm seems I just was talking about that on another thread hahahaha!)