Export to relative path

Is there a way to use a relative path in my export settings or am i forced to define the full path? If i move the source file and export script, then currently i have to also modify the export settings to match the path if the source files are shared or moved to other computers

for example if my project lives in C:\user\username\projects\source\project1\project1.bsdesign, I have to set my export path to C:\user\username\projects\final\project1
and my script path to C:\user\username\projects\source\project1\export.bat

it would be nice to be able to set export path to …....\final\project1
and export script path to .\export.bat

the main use case for this is to be able to store my projects in GIT. Each git user that may clone the project repository would clone to wherever they prefer on their machines to store their cloned projects. If we cannot use relative paths, then using a source control like GIT is not possible because each git user would have a unique path to their source files. the only way around this is that each git user would have to coordinate how they set up their file structure on their computers to match each other which is not desirable either.

The export settings (including path, script and the rest) live in your local Bootstrap Studio copy, they are not stored in the bsdesign file. This way you can have distinct export paths on every computer where you edit your design, and it also eliminates the risk of someone crafting a malicious bsdesign file which runs dangerous commands on export.

As the settings live in the app not the design, unfortunately this means that you won’t be able to implement your GIT idea, even if we did support relative paths.