Export with graphics

hi i need help exporting my project with graphics, currently it exports without graphics

not possible unless you haven’t added any? Did you add graphics to the app or are you using links to graphics on other sites? If you added them to the app, then it will export them and you will find the images folder inside the assets folder. If you still don’t have them then we need to know:

What version of the app are you using:
What OS are you on and what version:

Hi thanx for responding. I am using 4.5. the graphics are available in the assets folder ,how I get them to work. Because when I test the application local they work but when I upload to github and aws there are no graphics

You need to upload the files that are exported, including the assets folder. You cannot change the structure of the files. In other words, you cannot move the images folder to another location and expect it to work. The assets folder must be uploaded exactly as it is exported. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you very much @ jor-r