Favorites have disappeared after upgrading from 5.5.1 to 5.5.3

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Yesterday I finally installed the upgrade from 5.5.1 to 5.5.3 and I just noticed both my favorites folder and all my custom components (except for those that are shared online) have vanished!!! This is a SERIOUS issue! I rely on dozens of my custom components when building my sites.

The favorites and user library features still work fine, and I was able to recreate the favorites folder and add back all the contents easily enough (it only contained about 20 components, but other then downgrading back to 5.5.1 and using Windows System Restore, the only option I can think of to restore my user library components is to open up every one of the websites where I have used those custom components, and resave them to my user library.

Was there some sort of change to the 5.5.3 version of program that made it no longer know the location of the folder or file that contains the library components? If so, maybe it’s just a matter of renaming a folder on my computer? This is not catastrophic because I can still get all the library component back from the websites I built them in originally, but it will be a tedious, time-consuming job.

Any help or insight into fixing this would be greatly appreciated!

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UPDATE: I was able to restore my user library by copying the userPackages file from the last backup of my C: drive prior to the upgrade from 5.5.1 to 5.5.3, but I think it’s still worth noting that this aberrant event took place when I upgraded, and the devs need to be aware of it.

If true, this is indeed a serious problem. We haven’t received other reports about user components vanishing.

If someone else has run into this problem, be sure to post in this thread or let us know via email.

I can concur on Mac version as well that Favorites are gone. Seems my custom components that I saved over the years have not vanished though. I’m not 100% sure how much of that has to do with the fact that I had to manually get my custom components files from my old computer and install them, but either way they are still there. My favorites however have disappeared. I hadn’t really been using it much yet so I hadn’t even noticed.

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Well there’s definitely something wonky then, if you also lost your favorites. I hope some of the other regulars here can chime in and let the devs know if this is a universal issue. The fact that both you and I lost our favorites folder at least indicates there’s a partial problem with the latest updates, and it’s platform independent, since you’re on Mac and I’m on PC.

I’m just glad I back up religiously. I’d have been really bummed if I had to go back and dig through dozens and dozens of websites to find all my library components. In fact, a few of them I built and never even used in websites. I just saved them in my user library for future use, so those would have been lost for good.

Also, the info I needed to know which file to look for was in the BSS Forum, so that’s another thing I am very grateful for.

My favorites have also disappeared after update to 5.5.3 today! Haven’t been able to locate where the favorites are backed up to. Would appreciate any help in locating them. This is the second time I’ve lost work due to an update. First time wasn’t too bad since I didn’t have any ‘favorites’ saved. Now, however, this is a significant issue!

@paul_cpc You should be ok as far as not losing work. I lost my favorites, but the components they were linked to are still there. You can reset them to Favorite again same as you did before or wait till we hear from the devs on what’s up on it. Basically the favorites are like a tag added to each component that you added as a Favorite, and that tag has been removed with the last update. Your components are still there though, no worries :slight_smile:

Thanks jo-r,
I reloaded a couple of the old backups & after restarting BSS the “user” folder with favorites “re-appeared”. Whew!!

Glad to hear it, thankfully I hadn’t played with it much because it’s too much hassle when you’re dealing with Bootstrap 3, 4 and 5 and each of them want their own versions of some of them so I gave up lol. Maybe when they work it out to be more useful for multiple BS versions I’ll give it a shot again. I’ve pretty much made my own favorites since I stared using it really, by adding folders at the top to put the things I use the most in. That way there’s no confusion and I know that whatever is in the folders will work with whatever BS version I’ve set it for.

Mainly having issues with custom code blocks for things as simple as line breaks and non-breaking spaces and such where the code is the same for all versions, but the app doesn’t think so for some reason. Ain’t setting up 3 diff folders to add the same shortcuts in them. Hopefully they will get it worked out soon.

Did you also lose your user library components along with your favorites folder?

This would appear to be a major bug in the 5.5.3 release. Grrrr… it’s why I hate upgrading immediately to get new features. Fortunately, the favorites and user library functionality isn’t broken in 5.5.3, it just eliminates the folders. As long as you’ve got a recent backup of your system drive, you can restore the userPackages file.

So it’s definitely not an isolated issue @martin

Thank you for the feedback! We found what’s causing the problem and will release a fix later today/early tomorrow.

Yaaay we knew you could do it! :stuck_out_tongue: