[Feature Request] Ability to edit the html in editor

It would be nice to be able to edit the html in the editor that is generated, being new to program sometimes it would be quicker and easier to just edit the html directly than trying to figure out where directly the setting is in the interface. It would definitely make copying full control a lot easier.

If you want to edit HTML directly, then why did you buy a visual website builder in the first place??? The whole point of having visual tools is so you don't have to type HTML out by hand. Learn to use the program and you will find it's a lot faster and easier than hand coding.

Agreed with Printninja but if you want to manually edit code then just drag in a custom code component and go to town manually coding

Actually, the software isn't really advertised as a "drag and drop" only setup, so I actually expected to be able to do the things I can do in Pinegrow in this app too. Just sayin'. :P

I'd like to do this kind of stuff directly in BSS. I don't see why not implementing this feature. The more <i>(good)</i> features it has, the better it is.

Might I then suggest Pinegrow. It has a built-in code editing and you can link external editors like Atom and Visual Studio.

Gotta remember, BSS is a very reasonably priced piece of software, and the devs do an incredible job regularly updating and adding features to it without it costing us any more money. Expecting them to incorporate a full-blown code editor (especially when there are already many good free options available) is a bit much for thirty (or even sixty) bucks.

FYI - there have been many request to add Visual Studio support to BSS, so maybe you'll eventually get your wish. For me, I'm happy to use the visual interface, and use custom code blocks for those few things that absolutely have to be hand-coded.

Guys, it's a suggestion. Sending them to use another software doesn't give them what they are asking for in "this" software.

I haven't seen any posts where the devs have said that they will absolutely not be putting in this feature. It would be a total asset to this app without a doubt, I too would love to see the ability to edit text in the HTML pane. Just sayin' it's a suggestion that has not been concretely turned down on us as of yet.

Wow that escalated quickly. As mentioned it was just and feature I would like to see. I do pop between vscode, Visual Studio and now BSS. I thought the point of BSS was to rapidly develop sites using BS. It also could be that since today was the first day using it, I am just not used to using it fully. Anyway thanks for the consideration of this feature.

You have to realize you're posting in a forum with veteran users of this software. To start out a post saying you'd rather be able to hand code than hunt around for the settings in a program you admit you've used for only one day is going result in some disapproving responses from people who are well versed with what the program can do.

At least learn the software before you criticize what it lacks, because while BSS can't do every single thing that you can do coding by hand, it can do most, and the custom code component fills in for just about anything else.

Once you learn your way around the software, I think you will see you can build a BS website very quickly.

Wow that escalated quickly.

It's a tender sore spot for many.

I am a quite experienced html-coder (the hard way) So I do understand why Androvic wants to change html-code directly. It is also part of my working-stream. Right now I let BBS do the rough work, export the code and do the rest in my html-editor. It would be fine, when more of it could be done in BBS. Jan den Ouden Steensplinter Netherlands

The whole purpose of wanting to edit it within BSS is so you can continue editing “within” BSS for the long haul and not just until you have the main setup done. Granted I have done dozens of sites in BSS and have never had to edit them externally. Pretty much everything can be done within the app, but it would be sooooooo much faster to be able copy/paste text within the HTML window directly than having to jump all over the visual preview clicking multiple time just to replace a line of text.

I would be 100% happy if all we could edit was the text content within the HTML window and everything else was locked.

I am very used to how it currently works, just could be faster so I agree with the OP. Of course I have been an advocate for this feature sine I started using it over 3 years ago and have posted requesting it over the years myself.

I would be 100% happy if all we could edit was the text content within the HTML window and everything else was locked.

WoW, Jo! I am in 1000% agreement if there is such a thing!