[Feature Request] Add 'type=module' in script attributes

It would be super good to have the ability to add type=module in script attributes, right now they are not editable but it would be as simple to make them editable or to add a option to convert a javascript file to module when being included.

Thanks for the amazing program!

Thank you for the suggestion! If this is for writing JS modules in the app, you can create a JS module in the JavaScript group and it will be automatically included with type=“module” (you can read more in our docs).

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In my case it would be used to include already created modules from third parties, thanks for the tip!

This is not possible from the Link External dialog right now, but we will add it in our next updates. As a workaround you can include it in Head Content of the page.

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Thank you for the tips, right now i exported the webpage from Bootstrap Studio and added Webpack and the modules needed outside of the program, it works pretty good but integration in Bootstrap Studio is always welcomed.
I think the head thingy will help to export more easily without modifying a lot of things afterwards.


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