Feature Request: Rich Text Editor for consecutive paragraphs

Currently it's quite laborious to build a page with more than a few consecutive paragraphs. I mean, adding a paragraph component, enter its text, add another paragraph component (or duplicate the previous one), enter its text, [iterate prev. steps] is a lot of repetitive work which takes quite some time. Having some kind of RTE like the one in this forum for adding and editing several consecutive paragraphs at once, would be a nice feature which would improve BSS's usability a lot. Also it would save a lot of time when creating or updating pages which contain a lot of text (think of imprint, privacy policy, etc.).

I think of something like this:

  1. When you right-click a paragraph which is followed and/or preceded by another paragraph, the context menu contains an additional option (like "edit in RTE")
  2. When this option is selected, an RTE opens which contains the text of all consecutive paragraphs you right-clicked in step 1

Simple example: There's a page which consists of a header, 5 paragraphs in a row and a footer. If you right-click any of those 5 paragraphs, you can select to edit all the text contained in these 5 paragraphs inside an RTE. When removing or adding paragraphs inside the RTE, the page is updated accordingly (paragraph components are removed or added to the page as needed).

Would something like this be possible?

Thanks OS