Features Clean component. Some areas default to original

I'm new to Bootstrap Studio and I'm having a problem with the Features Clean component. Having dragged it into my window, I deleted 3 of the boxes, leaving one row of 3 boxes instead of 2 rows. I then changed the headings from 18px to 20px and text from 15px to 17px. I also changed the bg color of the boxes and saved my work. However, everytime I go back in to add something else (I'm trying to put a parallax image in a section below) some (not all) of my changes default back to the original, for example one or two of the boxes will default to the original for sizes or the original bg color. I closed the window and reopened the saved version but it shows the same defaults. It's probably something stupid but have you ever seen a grown man cry?

OK, so I can not reproduce this. However I think I can see where you might be getting confused though maybe?

If your using the Style Tool on the top right of the app, you are adding inline style properties, your not editing the CSS. So you might be seeing the CSS as still having font-size 20px rather then 18px for the heading, similar to the text as well. In the Style Tool to edit the CSS you have to first select the drop down for Style Attribute and select the appropriate CSS block you want to edit. This will then directly edit or copy that block edit to your style.css file.


Thanks Saj. That seems to have solved the problem. I knew it'd be something silly.