Few Ideas

  • 1 click RTL conversion (Ability to convert the current website made in BootstrapStudio to RTL version as well in 1 click. )
  • ReactJs Support
  • Ability to use other frameworks
  • Variety of Stylish and new Navbars (Side Slide, Full-screen overlay, and other new Menus snippets should be added. )
  • Ability to test backend code with full functionality like PHP, MongoDB etc.

That's all for now. So far loving the builder.

Can't say much on the rest, but I doubt you will see other Frameworks in this app, it's "Bootstrap" Studio after all lol. It's been asked for before and turned down before so I wouldn't expect that at all. Maybe when things have been worked out for this app they will make one for other Frameworks too, that might happen, one could hope lol.

I personally like it the way it is, it generates nicely formatted HTML using Bootstrap.

I started cutting and pasting the code into an Angular 4 project and realised I was wasting my time and ended up just using the BSS code as it was.

If you add your support to this suggestion...


...maybe there will be an easier way to test your php code (etc) using a local LAMPP server such as XAMPP?