File Renaming/Moving doesn't update (all) references

I am having some issues today that I haven’t noticed before today so I guess it’s maybe from the update a few days or so ago.

When I rename a file or move it, it generally used to update all references to that file. Today I noticed that only some of the references were renamed and I really cannot make heads or tails out of which ones it’s choosing. I typically use VSCode for editing externally through the app which has been awesome, love that feature will love it more when it can relink the open files if BSS is restarted. But today I did a lot of moving and renaming. Kind of a cleanup and organizing situation (was my SCSS learning project).

I noticed that most of the changes only updated 1 or a few references and I knew there were more so I went around exploring and what I found was really strange. It updated “Some” of the references in the external editor, but not all. I am not sure if maybe it wasn’t able to read the multiple files I was moving at a time? Guessing totally here, but it seems like when I did a multiple file move, it only updated one file’s reference and not the others.

I have some repetitive classes for image changing set up, some for slider backgrounds per slide, some for header backgrounds and so on. I dragged and dropped all of the slider backgrounds to a new folder. It only updated one. I had to do the others by hand. I think it was the first slide only that got updated in the external editor. The other 3 I had to manually change.

I also think maybe, not sure, that it’s only in the external editor that it’s missing these. In other words. Only those that I have specific classes set up with images in them where the only place to change them is in the CSS or in this case the SCSS.

Mac Mini w/M1 Chip, Big Sur (fully updated)

Let me know if you need any other information on this. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful or pinpoint anything further. Hope it helps some at least.

P.S. I really wasn’t expecting it to update anything at all in the files that were open in the external editor so that was a nice surprise to see it could do it at all, just hope it can be fixed to do them all :slight_smile:

Could you send us the design and provide steps to reproduce the issue? Thanks in advance!

I can send you the design, but I don’t think it will help as I’ve already fixed all the broken links. I can try to explain what I did, but I did so much lol. I’ll get that to you shortly, thanks :slight_smile: