Files in Folder set 'Hide In Export' are still exported (just without the folder)

I put all unwanted-to-export HTML files into a folder and set the folder ‘Hide In Export’. After exporting the project, all those files are exported into the upper level folder. Only the folder is not exported.

I am not quite sure I might misunderstand the option you make, so I checked the studio screen again and saw that all the folder and files are marked with icon ‘not exported’ so all of them (not only the folder, but also the files inside) should be skipped from exporting.

Does this happen when you export to an empty folder or have you previously exported the design to this folder (before hiding certain pages)? When exporting a design, the app does not delete anything from the target folder, it just replaces the exported files.

If it happens when exporting to an empty folder, could you send us the .bsdesign so we can take a look?

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It is a new project and I thought it is the first export of the project. However, after reading your reply, I recalled that I have just exported once before rearranging some unwanted files and exported again.

Also, in my mind, I assumed that the export would refresh all the files up (like checking out a Git rep.) so I automatically thought it is a bug.

Now I cleared the folder, exported again and got what I wanted.

Thanks for your fast and clear response.

The app just exports your files, it doesn’t check anything or keep track of anything. Just a simple export according to your settings. You did what you needed to do. I typically move the Assets folder and HTML files to a backup folder (I just name it for the date). And then export. That way you can still go back if you need to.

Glad you got it worked out and Merry Christmas!

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