First Impressions

I've been using Bootstrap Studio for a couple of days and very impressed with how easy it is to create a nice looking web page. However, I'm finding that I am concerting about two thirds of the controls I create into custom code so I can edit the html in one way or another. Many times it's because I need to add styles, some times my own, sometimes Bootstrap classes such as pull-right. Another example is I cannot add an id or a name to some objects, e.g. dropdown menu.

Am I missing something or is the way it is?

Thanks, Pete

Hello there,

im not an expert but for id as far as i know you open ATTRIBUTES panel (under html panel) and there is an ID field

For your own styles in Custom html you just give a class or id to the element you want to style and write down in css your formating.

But wait first for another more experienced user to answer :)

Thanks, yes the Attributes area seems to have an ID and class names available. I had been looking at the Options area on the right of the screen image. This will save me having to create many of the Custom Code controls I've been using. Thanks, Pete

As a follow up to this, I notice that there is a way to add other attributes to a control. I'm not clear as to what constitutes an attribute versus an Option as listed in the Options area at the top right. Is it any valid html attribute?