First try (demo) but i miss some options

Hi, i just use the online demo for a few hours, my first impression was good.. I've tried lots of software for building a website. as newbie i have some improvement points... Cause i miss them now i guess i won't buy the software soon.. or the programmers will add them! :)

  1. i read in the forum that i cannot load or import HTML. i really miss that option if i will buy this software.. I'm glad you can use lots of HTML tags like div, span.. Will it be nice that the user can make custom tags and attributes.. for example for writing XML or SVG <mytag myattribute="myvalue"></mytag>
  2. i Would like to see an option to fold the long list under studio...
  3. Categorize user custom scripts/components will be very nice too. the list get so long. for example "wordpress", "headers", "footers"
  4. what i miss most... and i can easy use it in other software is the use of javascript animation.. fade in, fade out, bounce, shake etc.
  5. And like others said.. a small preview of the code. if i make 10 footers and save them i cannot know how footer1, footer2, footer3 looks like. just an icon or image will do.

And what about this?

and question: Do i really need to inset/include/import javascript manually. for example J-Query for Infinite Scrolling?... I'm going to try some other software and will choose what to use/buy.


Hello, Peter, and welcome to the forums!

Bootstrap Studio assumes that the user is a coder or a front end developer, and it is expected to write CSS/JS for a lot of things. Once we have the core functionality in place, we will add convenient features for less experienced users on top of this. For example we will create easy ways for changing colors, attaching animations, setting margins and paddings and more while keeping the features that power users love. We will also create a rich library of components and themes that you can combine into beautiful websites.

So if you are relatively new in web development and Bootstrap Studio isn't right for you, give it a few months and try it again.

I like your suggestions and think that organizing assets and components into folders, and showing previews would be great additions to the app. I hope we can work on these soon.