Flag element as "don't publish"

I'm developing websites non-sequential, which means some parts are done while others are still worked on. I would like to publish those done parts while omitting the ones still in progress.

Hence, a flag where I can marks an element in the overview browser as "don't publish" which includes all child-nodes would be very nice.

Robert, what I do is I create a folder in BSS for pages that are in progress yet. This way when I export I know I can delete that folder and not bother uploading it etc. Small inconvenience really, and since I'm used to only uploading the Assets folder I haven't uploaded the InProgress folder as of yet lol. Might be something to try for you?

Jo, thanks, I wasn't aware that I can create folders. For complete pages, this will work and the temp folder could be automatically deleted with an export script.

But I have pages in progress, where I want to publish those sections that are already done. And then later just update the page step-by-step. For this case, folders won't work. I could try to add special comments into the code and strip everything between with a script but that sounds a bit like overkill.

I'm confused I guess lol. My comment was to put those pages that are "not complete" or "in progress" into a folder so you know those are the ones not complete. Then you can either delete it on export or do whatever with it you want on export. You can then move the page to the main directory when you're ready to work on it again or finish it or whatever. This way you keep all unfinished pages separate from the rest and easy to remove or not upload until they are ready.

I've no idea what you are meaning by publishing sections that are already done and later updating the page step by step. Do you mean outside of BSS or still within BSS? If within, the what I mentioned would work.

Other than that, I have also asked for the ability to mark pages in some way to not bother exporting them at all, but I don't recall ever getting an answer on it, or if I did it was probably another user saying it wasn't needed or something, can't recall now, it was quite some time ago. I have a tendency to start some pages that I know won't be ready for a while, or will be templates for others that I'd like to not publish at all, or export, but .... I've settled with doing the folder thing for now.