Focus after deleting [added in 2.5.2]

I would really really love to see the app focus either on the item before or the item after the item you have deleted from the Overview pane. It's really a pain in the butt right now because every time you delete something from there it defaults to the parent item and you have to then find where you were again.

Would love it to focus on the previous or next item of equal value ( in other words like this )

Parent Div ....row ........column (either this one) ........column (this one gets deleted from Overview pane) ........column (or this one)

Of course if there isn't another sibling then the parent would be logical. This would really speed things up when trying to delete multiple items from the tree and although I "can and do" label a lot of my items, I wouldn't "have to" label them just for this purpose of not getting lost in the tree after deletions. Thanks!

This is a great suggestion! We implemented it in version 2.5.2 which was just released. Deleting components is a lot quicker.

Awesome, just got the update a little bit ago, great new features, thanks!