Footer color is flashing on startscreen

When I open my homepage (at the first call, when the browser chache is empty ...) it seems that the footer (blue gradient color) is flashing for a short time above the top content screen (though he is placed at the very end of my content; google chrome, firefox, opera). That's disturbing me ( The same issue comes when I'm using linked pages (for this reason I don't use a menue with pages)

How could I avoid this effect? Someone an idea?

Best regards, Andrew

I haven't been able to experience your issue. I do notice that one of the blue sections is viewed in the above the fold section before your images load, which maybe your issue. So I'd say, try setting the CSS for class akBlog to have a min-height: 100vh; which should set the blue section below the fold on loading of the site while your images load. See if that helps.


Thank you, in the moment I have switched the "blue" service-section to the top. Maybe I check out your advice soon.