for Export: add option to empty folder before exporting

If I export my BSS design, and then I delete some files (in BSS), and then I export my design again: my export-destination folder still has the old (now-deleted) files.

Maybe an option can be added to the Export options to delete the contents of the destination folder?

Please do NOT do that! I have other things in folders where I export my sites and I definitely do not want them cleaned up.

Take a second and do it the easy way, delete the contents before you export, pretty simple :)

You're also more than welcome to create an export script to do that for you too.

Yeah, I don't want BSS messing around with files on my computer, even if they're in the assigned export folder.

I keep robots.txt, favicon and more in the export folder, so I'd like BSS not to delete files in it too.

I have a JSON file in the export folder and although I could reload it fairly easily, I would like to avoid that extra step after each export.

? nope nope - it’s fine as is - no change required

Please note that I am not asking to change the current default behavior, just to add an option.

I can't delete the folder via the Export Script feature, as the script is run after the export. The folder must be deleted prior to the export.

The only way I could even "remotely" see this as anything that should be added would be if a very large, with large print, warning showed up when it was turned on so that people that have no clue what something does and clicked it anyways, wouldn't lose their entire project of items without realizing it. Trash could be emptied on their computers before they were even aware they had deleted all their items in a folder. Would have to have very good safety precautions in place.

Since a lot of things in this app cater to the "unaware", I'm going to venture that this isn't a good idea. But should they do so, I would hope that good safety measures were put in place for those that won't have any idea what they are doing.

As an alternative to a "clear folder before export" option, perhaps you could add support for an Export Script to be run before the export.