Forum login not compatible with LastPass

Please test login to this forum through LastPass on Firefox. It doesn't work for me (password is not inserted).

Um that would be a LastPass issue not a forum issue lol. I use Roboform and it works just fine so the issue is with your app.

LastPass requires reasonable operation of web forms. I just did some experiments, and I'm guessing that this website doesn't signal the end of DOM loading in the usual way. This could account for the fact that LastPass doesn't fill in the login fields automatically, but that it does do so if the user requests it using the LastPass buttons on the login fields. If and when I master BStudio enough to actually create an adequate website that uses a login, I will certainly test my website with LastPass rather that arrogantly refuse any responsibility for my website being user-friendly.

First let me clarify that no one at the company has said anything to you. I'm a member of this forum same as you are so they haven't refused you anything.

Second, the forums here suck lol. Plain and simple, and we haven't gotten some of the fixes we've asked for over the years either so I wouldn't hold my breath. Hoping they change to something more stable and feature rich so we can have more enjoyable experiences as well.

Other than that, I have no idea why it would work for my app and not yours, but I would still go post on their forums and see what they have to say as well to make sure it's not on their end. So far any time I've had issues with a site not working it's been an issue with my app and they adjust things and all is good till another one pops up later down the road. Not many, but it happens.

Jo, I do apologize for saying that BStudio was arrogant when it was only your posting that annoyed me, and I now understand clearly that you and I are just members of this forum, that you don't speak for the company behind BStudio. Thank you for the clarifications.

I'm sure the company is working very hard, and I will be patient to wait for answers to my questions or bug reports.

So far, I'm finding BStudio very fast in laying out a home page. I'm hoping it is just as fast in customizing the colors of the page and in creating forms for my new websites. I'm on a 14 day evaluation of BStudio; I want to make sure it provides the tools I need to create websites. I don't accept big promises--I have to try things out.

I'm also very unclear on how to combine what BStudio produces with my own code (.htaccess, PHP, HTML, JS, and CSS) to make real production websites. So far in my reading, I've found that the documentation deals with the UI only, not the full construction of websites.

I’m on a 14 day evaluation of BStudio;

out of curiosity where did you find that 14 days evaluation version? I didn't know anybody can run BSS for free (for 14 days) and register to the forums to get user support.

Marco, you already asked this question in another posting, and I answered you there. It is not necessary to complain twice. I hear you.

@op, I use LastPass for logging in to the Forums here. I haven't had any issue with it auto filling in my login info. I have no special setup for the BSS forum.