Foundation Studio ;-)

It would be nice to have Foundation framework support in future. It is suppose to be "the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world". It haves more features than Bootstrap as you can see in this comparaison:

think the BSS devs have more than their hands full supporting just Bootstrap so really can't see them supporting another framework any time in the future, but could be wrong in that assumption.

Thank you for the suggestion! Foundation is a great framework, but when we take developer mindshare into account, Bootstrap is much more popular. So for now we are focusing our energy entirely on Bootstrap Studio.

Yes, I understand Bootstrap is the priority for now. But maybe someday you could add support to some other frameworks.

There is something called Foundation Framer that is in BETA right now

Thank you for the link, but I prefer to stick to Bootstrap Studio unless they release a Foundation Studio in future. I like it the way Bootstrap Studio handle coding. Add to it, I do not need more than that for now and I could code what is missing with custom code component.

Thank you for sharing this information with us.