Framework Adaption

its a long time ago since I purchased Bootstrap Studio and I had the chance to see the rapidly growing improvement. +1 for that :smiley:

The idea of supporting multiple frameworks got discussed in this forum and it ended with people who would really appreciate the feature but having concerns about the workload of the creator of Bootstrap Studio and a loose of quality.
The idea from my perspective is to create a standardized format (file or file structure) to easily adapt frameworks in Bootstrap Studio. In theory, the creator would have once something to work on, namely porting all to the new format but then it would be easy to maintain.
It would be enough to just give us this feature and we could create our own adaptions of frameworks.
Although its the decision of the developers if they want to adopt this idea and push it into one of the next big update and could get more paying customers in cause of making the platform better capable of multiple frameworks.

This is just my standpoint of improving this great piece of software. It would be sad if the capabilities are not being exhausted.


This tool is specifically designed at building on the bootstrap framework (and it does so very well), the devs have specifically stated many times that it’s for building on bootstrap framework only.

So why would they want to support Multiple frameworks which would carry a massive cost in both time and funds when there are plenty of editors that support multiple frameworks already (VS code, atom to name a few).

I honestly don’t understand what some people expect from this tool as it’s clear when you read their website it’s for bootstrap framework only.

Changing a program to build sites with multiple frameworks is not just something you would “add on.” It would be a complete re-write of the software from the ground up. It’s never going to happen with BSS.

If you want multiple frameworks, just buy Pinegrow. That (plus Wordpress) is their main selling point, but realize that it’s three times the price, and requires an annual renewal.