FRUSTRATED: Lost full day of work.


Some of the things of bootstrap studio really not good and Losing lots of work in few days.

I worked full day and created one component after lots of search and setting lots of css classes and SAVED it. After continuing work I used redo/undo operation when needed and after completing design i SAVED and closed app.

Now i want to use this component in design i searched but it is not there. I think It is DELETED in redo/undo operation.

Bootstrap studio never asking confirmation when deleting anything. when i manually delete anything i need to take care about it but when bootstrap studio deleting it without any information IT IS NOT GOOD THING. i have lost lots of work with this thing.

IS IT NOT GOOD TO ASK CONFIRMATION WHEN DELETING ANYTHING? i think one confirmation box is not that much frustrated as loosing lots of work. at least ask when bootstrap studio automatically deleting things. If you don't want user to disturb by confirmation message then put some settings of bootstrap studio to ask or not. or remove toolbox component changes from undo/redo or need to find some solution for this.

Thank You.

Such problems can happen all the time. Sometime the computer crashes, sometimes a bug is the reason for it. There are many reasons for this what happend to you.

The worst thing I had was: I made a project lots of hours. A really stupid work - I could run crazy about. I saved every 10 minutes. As I was finished I saved my last work. I was happy to be ready with this stupid work, and relaxed while saving. I stretched my legs and arms an then I hit accidentally my main-power-switch... My Computer was killed by me WHILE SAVING the worsed project with so many hours of stupid work. This file was defect after my sepcial work and all was gone.

I tell this story because it could happend al the time, with many different reasons. So I made a solution for me that worked now for more than 20 years :)

Make a project and save it as "Name_Demo_A_01".

"A" is my version, "01" is my second part of that version

every time I make a lot of changes, or I will delete something... I make an "save as" and give an higher number

I always work with the highest number of my version. So it could be, that I have "Name_Demo_A_157.bsdesign". It uses lots of space, but what is some wasted space against lost time.

This would not help you with your lost files, but it will help you next time.

Bootstrapstudio may have some bugs... but there are people that will fix that. And until all bugs are gone, we can save us from every bug (system, energie, programm)

Your problem is not a bug of Bootstrapstudio.

The "UNDO" function is a simple function to "undo" a users work. I do not know any undo-function that can warn a user while deleting things. I wouldn't such an function anymore because I use it when I made some changes and I didn't want them. So if i get alway an message "there is something deleted, are you sure?" I would run crazy.

It is normal, when you create an project, make changes, build thing, save sometimes, ... as long as you don't quit the program, you can "undo" EVERYTHING till there is nothing left in your project. And when you save THAT point - its normal that everything of many hours of work - is gone.

So I save _01, _02, _03 and I never got lost ANY data that costs me more than 30 minutes.

Here are some really major tips for when you are using Undo/Redo and Saving:

  1. Make sure that you are not in a highlighted area of the CSS where it's waiting on editing (in other words make sure you have clicked somewhere else in the CSS so that editing is not waiting to be done. If you save while in edit mode (cursor flashing inside a CSS area waiting for input), and you hit UNDO or REDO it will undo or redo whatever you did "prior" to the edits you made on the item you have highlighted. It will not undo or redo anything in the box you have highlighted at all and will get confusing.

  2. When Saving, make sure your cursor is not inside a Custom Code box. If that happens, it will save the Custom Code box, but will not save the project. I just did this to myself the other day and lost some work too, fortunately it wasn't a lot and didn't take long to redo it, but it could have been bad indeed.

  3. What Frank says is very very good points. I do the same thing and keep anywhere from 5 to 10 previous saves of a project, depending on the amount or severity of the changes made in them I may keep certain ones in between as well. This is a very good practice to get into. Just do a save as and alter the name to add numbers/letters, etc.

If you follow those things that should keep "most" of the issues with saving to a minimum, although I'm sure there are still some bugs to be worked out, this is a lot of the issues that people run into on saving and not realizing that they are not saving the project when the cursor is in a Custom Code box.

Hope that helps as well. Good Luck!