FRUSTRATED: The save button now crashes my app.

Guys. I'm getting ready to abandon BSS. It crashes, and crashes, and crashes.

Now look, I'm no dummy. My system is clean, 100% perfect in all other applications. BSS crashes 20 times a day now. I've uninstalled. Clean installed. Started new files.

If this doesn't get resolved soon, I'll have to switch to an alternative software.

Don't you have some sort of debug system? This is pretty crap. Going on 4+ months with this issue now.

Screen shot of crash

This is a very strange issue, as no one else has reported similar problems. If possible, can you send one of the bsdesign files that cause the crash to our email address? Designs remain private and we delete them after we fix any issues. Without the ability to replicate the problem we have no way of fixing it.

Sure Martin I've got one that isn't being used by a client, I'll e-mail it over to you.