Full website on mobile screen

Hello, some websites I have seen fits entirely, from header to footer on mobile screen. i.e. entire website is responsive. User can enlarge it on their mobile using their fingers. How it can be done in BSS?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you mean you see the entire website in one glance rather than needing to scroll down the page to view the parts?

"If" that's what you mean, then that means those websites are "NOT" responsive, and that is most definitely not what you want to do. Responsive means that the "parts" of the website resize according to the size of the device and all is immediately readable (not so tiny that you have to zoom the page with your fingers to view it) and the only thing a person needs to do to see a site's content is to scroll down the page.

Responsive also means that the parts of a website that are not "necessary" to view on a phone are usually hidden/removed/etc. when it is viewed on smaller screens so that it keeps data plans from using up their data to load pages of a website.

So, if that is what you are talking about, then you definitely are not wanting to do that. That would be stepping completely backwards.

Having said that, to be honest, when I first started learning about Responsive, that's exactly what I thought it meant too lol, so you're not alone in that. I thought it meant I could see the whole site at a glance and zoom into what I wanted to see, but alas it's not as simple as that.

Hope that helps and that I didn't misunderstand your meaning. :)

Believe to achieve what you want you need to use a framework such as angular or react.js to effectively create a browser app.

There was a recent post about this from another forum member but I don't think they are fully supported in this app.