GetSimple CMS recommended for Bootstrap Studio

I'm a first time user of BSS and really impressed with what it does. But instead of a static site I wanted to use the content with a Content Management System so I would be able to update the content from the site itself. (The reason for this is because the site is hosted on an AWS Elastic Cloud and there is no access to FTP, so updating the site requires zipping the site and uploading to the server!)

I have experience with Wordpress, but don't like it a lot, and didn't want to use that. So in my search for an alternative, I came across Get Simple

In my situation, Get Simple was ideal, because it doesn't use a database, it stores the site in an XML file, so I didn't need to worry about setting up a database for it.

Transferring the content from BSS to GS proved to be relatively easy. GS uses a template system where the header and footer are saved in separate files, so all I needed to do was copy the exported BSS header and footer into those files.

The body of a page is similarly copied into each page created in the GS administration section. The code can be copied directly from the exported BSS body but it is necessary to edit the paths to images to match the folder specified in GS for images. (I guess I could edit the upload path for GS images somewhere so the same folder is used in GS as it is in BSS?) (Or it would be nice if there was an option in BSS to specify the image folder path??)

There are numerous plugins available for GS, and the code is vastly simpler than Wordpress!

I really like that I can now fix typos online, create pages, move content around the menu system, have "friendlier" URLs etc etc. I'd highly recommend BSS + GS for any simple sites.

The site is if anyone wants to take a look.

Looks good to me, glad you found an alternative. Personally I would rather do something like Joomla because you have a lot more control. I hate being limited to how and what I can do for a website or access to the files, it's the first thing that will turn me away from a system. But ... that's me not you, so if that works for you, and it looks like it does, go for it. Great job on the site and thanks for sharing the setup with us!

Thanks Jo, I haven't used Joomla for years, and to me it has similar issues to Wordpress - too big and ugly! <g>

In my limited experience with GS it has all the functionality I needed, for a simple site. If I needed blogs, forums, membership etc etc then yes a more powerful CMS would be needed. An interesting feature of GS is that the template files can all be edited online, so adding extra functionality i.e. js libraries, is dead easy to implement.

Have you created a Joomla template from a BSS design, what are the steps required - similar to GS?

My apologies, I wasn’t clear in that I meant using Joomla “instead” of doing a BSS site. It’s all good. :)

I don't understand why you can't FTP into EC2... its a pretty basic function as shown =>

lol did you seriously just bump a 3 year old post that could be completely different at that site after all this time? tsk tsk for wasting my time to have to open this thread :P