Google Font not loading on Publish (to Bootstrap Hosting) [fixed in 4.5.6]

On one of my websites, when I publish the website, the Google fonts do not display (Open Sans), a default font is used instead.

When I export the project to my own PC, there is no problem.

On another project, there is no problem. - although this project may have been published before I updated Bootstrap Studio to the latest version.

Possible that I'm doing something wrong but I've never had this happen before with a Google font. (and I just updated Bootstrap Studio)

I am not using my own domain, just one of the ones.

Are you adding the fonts to BBS through the font-family option in the look and feel panel, or just typing the font-family name into your css?

I type the font-family name into CSS, that's how I normally do it, I also added the font via Google Fonts (Right click Fonts, then Manage Fonts)

If you’re adding the fonts through the Google font manager, don’t just “type” the names. Choose them from the font list that pops up when you add the font family attribute. Also be sure you have all the variations added through the font manager that you need.

Thank you for catching this! We released another update with a fix - 4.5.6.

Awesome! Thanks