Google Fonts URL doesn't work [fixed in 2.1.1]

Whenever I copy and paste a google fonts URL into the box, the Import button becomes disabled. It appears to be the = sign that causes the disabling.

Thank you for reporting this! We’ve fixed it in an update - 2.1.1, which has been released and you should receive it soon.

At first: Congratulations to you. A great tool.

But on Linux, this bug isn't fixed. I use the actual 2.1.2 and the import doesn't work. In addition, the imported fonts are not used in the editor (reworking on saved designs). When export existing designs however, everything is correct.

In short: No import. No preview in the editor (earlier saved designs/new designs). Export (to html) earlier saved designs works properly.

I use Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.3 Rosa (it's based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS).

Thank you for reporting this! It is a separate issue that I also noticed yesterday. Some https websites like Google fonts and CDN.js started throwing SSL errors under Ubuntu after a system update. I am not sure exactly what causes it, but we are already working on a fix that should be ready later today.

@dragonsg the fix is ready, but it requires a reinstall - we can't ship it with the usual "restart to update" system. Can you try downloading the latest linux version from here and installing it? Share how it goes.

Hi Martin sorry for the delayed answer. I had to work till midnight (Germany).

I reinstalled the actual version and ... it works! Import, editor view, export. All is fine now.

Thanks for your quick support.