Great Program but....

I am absolutely loving this software but a few little things are killing me. For me I can live without editing the html but I absolutely require the ability to include/exclude css and/or js files. The way BSS just includes all css and js files with no option to exclude is a real deal breaker for me.

I understood this wouldn't be a stand alone app for me. I planned to design in BSS and than export to Dreamweaver to program js (lack of code completion in BSS). And than upload to FTP from DW as well (no export to FTP in BSS). The problem with this model is that every time I export to DW I need to go through each html file and manually delete included js and css files.

I know there will be those out there that will insist all my js and css should be in a single file but that is because you don't understand my situation. I could probably live with all my css in one file but this definitely wouldn't work with my js due to sheer volume.

So is Bootstrap development that completely horrible in Dreamweaver that you need Bootstrap Studio, I guess it must be huh?

Sounds like your use case is only applicable to you as I have all my css in one file to make my work flow easier.