Grid system for Bootstrap 4.

Hey there.

Firstly what a great product you've created. Intuitive, and beautiful UI, and just a really strong tool. A big thank you to the team behind Bootstrap Studio.

My Q. After being away from Bootstrap for quite some time...

Will the next version reflect the new grid sizing in Bootstrap 4? I see that on the official docs that they have 5 grid sizes, and that the measurements are different to what you have in the tool?

Bootstrap 4 Grid

For example, Medium in Bootstrap Studio is 1024px, where on the site it says 720px. Just a little confused?

Many thanks


Will you be updating the UI to reflect the new XS <576px so I can create designs for iPhone 6/7 etc..?

Many thanks

Will the next version reflect the new grid sizing in Bootstrap 4?

I believe its coming in the next release:

Yeah was just curious on how we would tackle designs created in Sketch, for example iPhone 6/7/8 at 375px width, and how this would translate in version 4 of Bootstrap Studio?



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Point taken.

I couldn't imagine that the break points for the BSS app for version 4 will be any different from that of the Bootstrap 4 frameworks media query break points. Being that the break points are actually in the Bootstrap CSS, it's just a matter of what the little media device icons will represent in the app.

I'm sure BSS 3 will maintain there break points and BSS 4 will use the newer break points.

That would make complete sense to me.