Happy at first, not so happy at last :)

Hi, first - I bought I right away the price is more than fair and I am satisfied. But there more I use the more flaws I see.

So here is some feedback - can you give me feedback whether I do something wrong or you plan to implement some of them? I ask because we are searching for editor solution and before I recommend Bootstrap Studio for our company I want to be sure.

Themeing via SASS

Do you plan to support theming via SASS? So that you can set important stuff like colors, sizes etc. Other Boostrap Editors provide that. That would make life much easier especially for prototyping. At the moment it's not easy to try different color schemes.

Order of the scripts

When I add a script I have no control wherein the code it's added. That makes things pretty uncomfortable. An example: I added an chart library via the external script function. You put it at the end of the DOM. I added the script to initiate the chart directly under the chart dom element. Since the script isn't loaded at this point it was useless. So I added the script via js file but this file was added to the dome BEFORE the chart library. I think you get the point :)

Am I doing something wrong or isn't it possible. If it's not possible, do you plan to add a feature to order the scripts or define where in the DOM they are loaded?

Edit all HTML without converting What I love most is your extensive components library and of course the online library. That is really great - so thumbs up!! My problem is, that I can't edit these components without converting them to HTML. Converting them is extremely annoying because I have to label them to keep the chance of a readable overview but the biggest problem I have is, that I lose all options and possibilities to animate it easily (again a great feature!)

And I have to convert nearly any element. For example your navbar. Great but to add a single element for my nav I have to convert everything.

To summarize: There are parts of your software which makes you to the best in my opinion but these three points annoy me that much that I think I keep looking for other solutions.

Sorry when my feedback is too harsh but I am not a native speaker :)

SASS is coming I believe most likely one of the next releases

  • editing all html without being locked - not going to happen as devs have said they won’t do it for on many occasions.

Order of Scripts

You should be able to right click on the Javascript menu in the Design pane on the bottom right and select Include Order.

Then you can drag the scripts in the order you want except jQuery and Bootstrap scripts.


Ahh Order :) Thank you!!! Found it, it works.