Happy user with some nitpicks

I've been using the studio for about 2 months now doing a web design gig which I used to do with Adobe muse. So far I'm majorly happy as a person who already had respect for bootstrap. I had always wanted a less codey environment to use however, even though I'm fine doing it but you know impatient clients and all, and well you guys delivered! There are however just a few things that I found would've made my life a little easier however. And I apologize if some of these are in the forums already, but figured it would help contribute to the project with my take as someone using this pretty actively.

  1. PHP editing for use with forms (or just more flexibility with types of files to include in the project). Yes I can see this is in heavy demand but it'd be pretty awesome not have to switch to a text editor as much for post production. I've currently settled for entering the theoretical directory as the target for the form which is fine but hey doing it all in house would be nice.
  2. A little more flexibility in the CSS editor. It already works as intended and I love being able to add media queries on the fly, but having to click on the edge of a line to add a new line can get a bit awkward especially when the html editor is arranged to be larger in some cases. Also editing a portion of a line can get a bit finicky, sometimes you have to triple click that thing to get it to work. Heck at least an alternate view for that which serves as an ordinary css text editor like dreamweaver.
  3. FTP upload, I've settled for exporting and using filezilla, but let's face it guys native support would be great and sure bootstrap.io uploads are nifty but hardly viable for the industry except for showing off prototypes to a client. It just doesn't seem too worthy to be the main function of the big publish button.
  4. Maybe support for importing fonts other than from Google Fonts? It shouldn't be asking much really, just a simple import of OTF, WOFF etc, I realize this can all be done in code but that's kind of a pain post production if you've got your layout nice and sized the way you want. Not to mention, you'll have to skip minification and do it third party if you want to change that manually in the css.
  5. Better support for image browsing. You guys nailed it when you choose to browse for an image on a background or an img, but it'd be nice to get that same expanded view as an option when using the side menu to manage those files. It can get weird browsing through that little panel when you have a ton in there. It'd be a nice touch if in the future if there were basic options to compress images as well to avoid reimporting, image replacement isn't even an option as of yet as far as I can tell.
  6. Site map xml and robots generation tool maybe in settings? :) Probably asking for a bit much there but wouldn't hurt to have it seeing how some platforms seem to throw it in now and then.

Being able to import our own fonts would be very nice indeed